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With its more than 1250 works of art, Halberstadt Cathedral’s collection of treasures is considered to be one of the most extensive collections of medieval church treasures worldwide. The unique ensemble was intended to be for the church service at the episcopal church there. The magnificent liturgical vestments, finely cast bronzes and goldsmiths’ works, sculptures and altarpieces bear witness to the high art of the Middle Ages.

Halberstädter Dom von außen Kulturstiftung Sachsen-Anhalt, Fotograf: Ulrich Schrader
Halberstädter Dom von außen, Kulturstiftung Sachsen-Anhalt, Fotograf: Ulrich Schrader

The masterpieces of textile art, which include the tapestry of Abraham and the Angels from the time around 1150, are world-famous. Ninety ecclesiastical vestments, embroidered cloths and altar hangings tell of the splendour of the church service.

Around 300 treasures can be seen in the historical rooms of the cathedral cloister. The highlight of every tour is the treasury, which has gathered together precious mountain crystal carvings, goldsmiths’ works and works of ivory. With its twelve works of art of assured Byzantine provenance, the cathedral treasures comprise one of the largest ensembles of this kind in Germany.

Karlsteppich, 13. Jahrhundert Kulturstiftung Sachsen-Anhalt
Karlsteppich, 13. Jahrhundert, Kulturstiftung Sachsen-Anhalt, Fotograf: Falk Wenzel

The Cathedral of St. Stephen and St. Sixtus been the spiritual centre of the city and the whole region for over 1,200 years. Fascinating works of art bear witness to its eventful history. The cathedral was built between 1236 and 1486 in the style of French cathedrals. The most important feature is the monumental “Triumphkreuzgruppe“ (triumphal cross group) originating from around 1210, a masterpiece of medieval carvers.

Armreliquiar des Heiligen Nikolaus, 13. Jahrhundert Kulturstiftung Sachsen-Anhalt
Armreliquiar des Heiligen Nikolaus, 13. Jahrhundert, Kulturstiftung Sachsen-Anhalt, Fotograf: Bertram Kober, Punctum


All objects of the Halberstadt Cathedral Treasury in the German Digital Library can be found here.

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